What to Eat When You Have RA


Sliced herring with onions.

Instead of red meat, choose fish.

Nuts and seeds.


Instead of chips and crackers, try nuts and seeds.

Bowl of black beans.

Swap your side of potatoes with a serving of beans.

Woman picking out fresh fruit from a market.

Instead of canned fruits and vegetables, choose fresh.

Mug of green tea.

Instead of lemonade and sweet tea, try green tea.

Pouring olive oil into a pan.

Instead of butter, cook with extra virgin olive oil.

Whole grain bread and pasta.

Instead of white bread, choose whole grains.

Tumeric root and powder.

Instead of MSG, add turmeric to your foods.

Soy milk and tofu.

Instead of dairy, try soy-based products.

Woman eating a bar of dark chocolate.

Instead of cookies and cake, treat yourself to dark chocolate.


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