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Goldie Hawn is one of Hollywood’s bankable stars. This award-winning actress has had her fair share of love interests in real life before she fell for the actor and heartthrob Kurt Russell. They have been together since Valentine’s day of 1983 and have been together for more chthan 30 years. This pair have raised four children together, however, they seem to be uninterested in tying the knot. Hawn has long insisted that marriage is an unnecessary marker in relationships.Goldie

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 Coco Chanel The name Coco Chanel has long been embedded in fashion history. This famous fashion hit-maker was often seen in the company of many handsome beaus. But, none of them seem to have lasted for long. Coco Chanel has been known for her unusual personal choices and was quoted to have said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”Coco

 Sheryl Crow is a famous singer from California who has had a long and prosperous career. But her love life does not have the same level of success. She was once in a very public relationship with Lance Armstrong, a world-renowned cyclist. Not long after their breakup, Armstrong experienced public humiliation as it was uncovered that he used illegal enhancers in competitions. Sheryl and Lance never made up and the former is still single.

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Sheryl   Oprah Winfrey This self-made billionaire has humble roots. She is a multi-talented woman who acts, writes and successfully runs her media business. Oprah has been in a relationship with Stedman Graham for around 30 years. Many speculations about the the said relationship have surfaced and the famous one regarding their lack of matrimony is that Oprah wants to avoid a high-profile, messy, and expensive divorce. However, her close friends would say that Oprah believes that, ‘If ain’t broke, don’t fix it!Oprah Jacqueline is a beautiful English rose who has had a string of suitors for many years. She has also had many highly-publicized relationships which include Emin Boztepe, a martial arts instructor and Vincent Perez, a Swiss actor. Her relationship with the two men especially raised some eyebrows as both were almost 20 years younger than her. This gorgeous woman whose beauty is timeless has never been married.Jacqueline Marisa Tomei is an American actress whose charm is difficult to resist. She has had a lot of highly-publicized relationships which include Lenny Kravitz, Robert Downey Jr., and Christian Slater. She is reportedly enjoying her successful career despite her single status.Screenshot 4 Charlize Theron is a South-African born Hollywood star, who is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the industry. However, this award-winning beauty is still single. She has remained unattached since her breakup with Sean Penn, a fellow actor, in 2015. She is now raising her children alone and was said to have tried using dating apps. But this doesn’t mean that she isn’t happy and contented with her life, free from any romantic attachments.Charlize These days, Danica Patrick is the most famous athlete in the world. She is not only beautiful but apparently she can also drive cars very fast. This beautiful girl has also had an interesting romantic history as she had tied the knot twice in the past. However, both her marriages did not last. She is now involved in a very serious relationship with Aaron Rodgers, an NFL quarterback. Only time will tell if she has found forever this time around.Danica Jennifer Lopez AKA JLo is an actress, singer, dancer and producer. Over the years, JLo has had her fair share of high-profile relationships. She married Cuban waiter Ojani Noa in 1998 but the two later split. She began dating stars like P-Diddy and was even engaged to Ben Affleck! She was with Marc Anthony for a long time, the two had twins together. She has now found love with the former NY Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez. The two seem smitten…could wedding bells be in the near future?Jennifer Lopez on Hamm has never been married, he might as well have taken the leap with Jennifer Westfield, the writer and actress whom he dated from 1997 to 2015. Too bad they broke things off and haven’t looked back since.Jon Lady Gaga’s announcement of her breakup from actor Taylor Kinney shocked her fans as the two looked like a perfect couple. In the documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two,” she explained the relationship that she had with her former fiancé, Kinney. They started dating in 2011 when Kinney appeared in Lady Gaga’s music video. But Lady Gaga announced their split in an Instagram post. Her fans were surely sad for her, but not for long. She later found love with an agent in the Creative Artists Agency, Christian Carino. Lady Gaga is one of the clients of the said company. Carino and Lady Gaga have announced their engagement and we are very happy for her. Some rumors have surfaced about her and her co-star Bradley Cooper, but they have maintained that they are just the best of friends.Lady Gaga

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