Earth Dome Encyclopedias

In Google Earth key these coordinates in... 80°S, 90°E. This is the location that encyclopedias and history books pre Antarctica treaty stated was where the dome or firmament was located. The picture is of a 1958 encyclopedia. 

 Try to be patient when learning flat earth, because if you learn too fast or get angry, you lose the essence of learning. Flat earth consists of many types of evidence just like the globe earth. Each type of evidence must run through your minds prosessor by comparing and contrasting the two models. The best way to learn about flat earth is to watch many documentaries and veryfy your knowledge with other people. It takes time and effort for learning so work hard and have an open mind.

The gods dont talk to us only people do; and the people on top are lying about our earths shape. So we must colaborate with serious, friendly and disiplined brain power in order to spread truth. Flat earth is a very big unseen truth because the world is too big for us to grasp. There for truth is hard to get from a big perspective. Sometimes your self tells you to reaserch when others are against because your core senses light.


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