Side Hustle

BRUSH HOG/ LANDSCAPE/ LAWN SERVICE Wayne Holt Tulsa, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Ok. 918-525-7492

BRUSH HOG/ LANDSCAPE/ LAWN SERVICE  Wayne Holt  Tulsa, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Ok.  918-525-7492

The downside to maintaining your landscape is needing all the right equipment, and it may become a full-time job as opposed to a side hustler. You will most likely need a riding lawn mower, rakes, shovels, leaf blowers, and other common yard tools. We provide different landscaping services, such as brush hog residential, large commercial, small businessesand even parks. We work for them on a weekly or monthly basis, or even quarterly.  LLC to reduce liability, BRUSH HOG/ LANDSCAPE/ LAWN SERVICE  Wayne Holt (The Side Hustler) Tulsa, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Ok. 918-525-7492 No bott calling

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Storage units are loaded with items that need transporting if someone doesn’t pay on time. They are filled with appliances, collectibles, and sometimes rare memorabilia. There is a business to bid on storage units after renters stop paying rental fees and abandon their goods, allowing people to clean out the locker. Using a truck and trailer to help people transport these contents from the unit to their home or warehouse is a great way to earn extra cash. Visit with the storage facility owner or manager. They need to know you’re available for hauling in these situations. Because you have...

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Local businesses: Help business owners clean out their building or around the building, especially after construction work or a renovation Beach or park cleanup: Volunteer programs tend to host cleanups around nature areas, and they will need a service to haul away trash bags or recycle Residential: Spring cleaning can mean hauling away large unwanted items, requiring a vehicle such as a pickup truck with a trailer Construction sites: After large construction projects, there will be a heap of junk, debris, and trash that needs to be removed from the job site. Government: you become a private contractor for your local government to clean up...

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Pickup truck owners can find steady work in delivering wood, sand, gravel, or similar materials. Many sellers of these items charge two rates: one that includes delivery, and one that doesn’t. You will most likely need to be hired by the end customer, but leads can definitely come through the retailer. When moving material that can shift or blown out of the truck bed, like sand or gravel, be sure to use tarps or straps to keep your cargo where it belongs. Some quarries will require that your trailer have sides and a tailgate to prevent damage to other vehicles from loose...

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Having a pickup truck allows you to tow small boats, trailers, campers, and more. You don’t necessarily need to have a tow truck to be in the towing business. If you have the right equipment, like a 7ft wide car-hauler trailer, you can tow other vehicles. Pickup trucks can tow between 5,000 pounds to 14,000 pounds, some can haul even heavier loads, but we don’t need to run out and buy a 2 ton truck. The used truck we have will work just fine. Most of your loads will be much less than your vehicle’s towing capacity. You can start...

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